January Update:

Monochrome Inspiration for Your Home
One of the biggest trends this year and one that is expected to blow up massively in 2017, is the monochrome theme for interior design. A sophisticated style, the monochrome look makes decorating your home so much simpler since black and white literally goes with anything. Even the cheapest of our home décor items suddenly look a lot more expensive thanks to the simplistic surroundings of a monochrome home. If you have been planning on taking this trend into your own home, here’s how you can do it:
The Living Room

One of the first rooms that we tend to tackle in the beginning of a home makeover is the living room. After all, it’s the room that people tend to spend most of their time in. If you really want to capture the true essence of monochrome, you have to make sure that your furniture reflects the theme. Black sofas with white textured cushions is a great way to go. You may also like to mix things up by having black glass furniture to increase modernity and add an extra touch of class into your living space.
Another great way to achieve the monochrome look throughout your home is to install white interior doors - such as these examples. White bounces light naturally and is perfect for the monochrome home because you can very easily go overboard with the black side of the colour scheme, which can often make your home appear darker than necessary. Crisp white doors brighten your home interiors and emphasizes the sense of contemporary modernism, which is what the monochrome trend is essentially all about.

The Bedroom

Black satin sheets and beautiful white curtains are two great ways to capture the monochrome style in your bedroom. Of course, the inspiration doesn't’t end there. You may also want to add a nice rug to the equation, perhaps in a similar shade to the rest of the colour pallet. Grey painted walls will also help to bring the entire look together as grey is the perfect balance between black and white, making it the ideal choice for the bedroom.

The Bathroom

If you have a traditional black and white tiled bathroom, then you’re bang on trend. The monochrome look is all about making the most out of a black and white colour palette. According to Elle Décor, a vintage black tub and marble floors are ideal for accentuating the monochrome style.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is actually fairly simple to transform into a monochrome palace. You can incorporate small pieces of this trend such as a black kettle or a white lampshade overhead etc. However, if you really want to 'go all out', you might want to consider getting a black kitchen table with chairs to match. This will make the room look more elegant and modern, which is exactly the kind of style the monochrome trend strives to achieve.

The Contradicting Summary

Definition of monochrome

  1. :  a painting, drawing, or photograph in a single hue

    - Merriam Webster

When decorating a house or room, the rule of thumb with monochrome styling is to add echoes of colour, Crazy I know! Despite everything we've said in this article...

In photography, Monochrome is often used to accentuate the contrasts of colours and shadows, it emphasizes depth and sharpness, for a photo, this is a fantastic way to inject mood and atmosphere.
In interior design this does still apply, however  can create very lackluster environment to live in. The way interior designers combat this is to impplement a few key colours, this changes the warmth of a room adding emotion to image. Without this, any room would eventually feel restrictive clinical and devoid of personality. If you have any questions about applying a monochrome style to your home, please stop by at our shop in hitchin hertfordshire. Our lovely team would gladly help you.

August Update : What's New?

This is the blog where we keep you up to date with WHAT'S NEW here at Kenmore Interiors. Read on to find out our latest news...

Homeware Department

This month has seen the introduction of some lovely Spanish glassware. The colours are eye catching and the quality is excellent, but even better is the price! Come & visit our homeware department to see for yourself before they all disappear off the shelves!
Below is just a taster of what's available...


Curtain Department

Brand new from Designers Guild is a collection of fabrics & wallpapers inspired by the botanical gardens in France, 'Jardin des plantes'. The designs feature exquisite prints in a stunning array of colour. The fabrics are printed on linens, cottons & cotton velvets and are suitable for curtains, blinds, cushions, bedcovers & upholstery. Here's a few images to get you inspired...



Furniture Department

Bang on trend is this range of 50's & 60's vintage style sofas & chairs from GPlan Vintage. As they state on their website they are 'turning yesterday's classics into the icons of tomorrow'. 
Come in store or browse the collection on this website.


July Update : What's New?

This is the blog where we keep you up to date with WHAT'S NEW here at Kenmore Interiors. Read on to find out our latest news...

Homeware Department

This month has seen the launch of a brand new bathroom section of our homeware department. We now stock many different lines from your everyday basic styles to fashionable cork and concrete designs.

Blinds & Curtains

As a stockist of The Original Morris & Co we are highly excited about the brand new launch of their Pure Morris range of walppapers & fabrics. Using all natural embroideries and applique here's a little taster below...
To view this stunning range why not pop in the shop, alternatively you can view it on their website.

Furniture Department

Everyone loves an ocassional chair! Check out this cute one!
Available in a wealth of fabrics that you can mix & match the positioning of, it really enables you to create your own unique design.
Available to view & order in store or purchase from our website...
click here to view on our website

Ditching the Office?

Billions of people have abandoned the commute to the office in favour of working from home,
According to research published by consumer think-tank, 8.6 per cent of the UK work force work from home for one or more days a week.
With this continuing rise in popularity, the market place for bespoke personable office furniture has skyrocketed, and with it, brought about a new age for home office design.
Things to look out for! 

This style benefits either a home office, or a bedroom. The Smooth lines and curves emphasize a less formal office. This creates a unorthodox environment, perfect for a more creative office workplace.

17th century Influence

This style is often perceived as more sophisticated and works perfectly in a larger space. Almost anything with 17th century influence works well in a study, or a grand house, the utilitarian designs make these pieces feel larger, all the space is maximized with secret cupboards and multiple drawers.


Don't be afraid to jazz up your workspace, Painted or colour lacquered furniture can bring light into a room, often injections of contrasting colour will add depth to a larger room. Light pastel colours can also make a smaller room seem larger.

See More Here


Picking the right chair is paramount for a successful home office or study, getting the right balance between style and comfort can be hard. But it doesn't have to be, when picking an office chair, It's a good idea to remember three key factors.
1. Usage

Unknown to many,  office chairs have a recommended daily usage limit, to exceed this limit would both put a risk to your back and the longevity of your chairs lifecycle. Thankfully the average chair is designed to withstand 8 hours of use a day. If you find yourself needing a a higher usage, you would more than likely need to upgrade to something more heavy duty. chair usage limits vary between 8 - 24 hours and it is important to investigate this before you buy. 


2. Comfort & Support

Possibly the most important of the three, removing the distraction of pain and discomfort is not only significant for the morale of the person using the chair. It also makes that individual more effective by fostering better concentration. Good posture and proper seat adjustment make work in general easier by removing unnecessary difficulties. 

3. Style

When it comes to home offices, style is substance, selecting the right chair to complement the design of the desk and the tone of the room is a huge factor in creating the image you want for your work environment. We have a large selection of office chairs available online and more available in store, for more information and advice please don't hesitate to call us. 

Join the trend

The use of shutters is fast becoming one of the most popular ways of styling one's home. From traditional wood to soft pastel colours, there is a style that suits everyone. Look around your local area, spot the houses that have already indulged in this ever growing trend. Browse through the stylish Interior magazines and you will see some beautiful examples of how shutters can compliment any room scheme. Seeing the images online will demonstrate the wide variety of options available to you.

Here at Kenmore Interiors we have the absolute pleasure of teaming up with 'Clement Browne'. The quality of their shutters speaks for itself which makes them a worthwhile investment. They have over 15 years experience in the industry and pride themselves on offering an unrivalled range of stylish, functional and bespoke shutters. Whether it's a round porthole style window, an arched window or bay they can tailor make your shutters to fit. Now a national organisation they still have the essence of their family business which compliments our own long standing family business.

To enquire all you need to do is contact us by phone or email and we will do the rest. Alternatively, if you would like to visit us we have a wide selection of samples on show. We will arrange for Clement Browne to visit you in the comfort of your own home to discuss your options. So what are you waiting for? Join the trend.

New Website

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